Val Samonis
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Val's BIO

Educated in USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, and Poland, Val Samonis (PhD, CPC) gained four decades of cross-functional research, business intelligence, teaching, mentoring, editing, and "blue ribbon" advisory experience combining his theoretical & “hands-on” empirical/data science approaches to education, business, technology & modern policy frontiers globally. Expert in high-tech methods of analysis, knowledge management & education, he is an eagle-eyed outside-of-the-box analyst, transformation thinker & intercultural communicator (fluent in English, German, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian; some Spanish, French) with extensive contacts esp. in emerging markets of EurAsia and Africa.

A US Congress Fulbright Scholar 1982-84, Dr. Val Samonis lived globally & worked with top business & education reformers in emerging markets (e.g. 5 Nobel Laureates at The Stanford Economic Transition Group: Leontieff, Solow, Klein, Arrow, Tobin); lectured globally on ICT/knowledge economy, strategy/competitiveness, innovation management, modern education & other issues in the 21C global economy; and has been published globally. He managed and/or worked in a “hands-on” manner in international research and advisory "blue ribbon" teams/digital networks sponsored by Transnational Corporations Review, Journal of EastWest Business, Institute for New Economic Thinking, African Capacity Building Foundation, European Union (ACE, TEMPUS), World Bank, Hudson Institute, Center for European IntegrationJoint Committee on Corporate Governance (Canada), Virtual Consultation Forum for the First Inter-American Meeting of High-Level Authorities on Sustainable Development, OECD-World Bank Private Sector Advisory Group on Corporate Governance, International Baltic Economic Commission, a number of universities and governments & global financial/economic organizations. Val served as an advisor to the Czech Government, Lithuanian Parliament, Canadian Government, global organizations (e.g. UNCTAD, ITC), and multinational corporations (HungryMinds, A.Andersen, Medley Global Advisors, CARE). Dr. Samonis has been teaching online, onsite, and his DualMode(SM) comprehensive “big picture” and specialized courses in International Economics & Management, Frontiers in Emerging Markets, Corporate Governance & Finance, Knowledge Economy & Innovation Management, E-Business, Economics Macro & Micro, Strategies for Policy Reform, and supervising graduate students at the University of Toronto, Columbia University, University of Maryland, Royal Roads University (Canada), University of Tasmania (Australia), Centre for European Integration Studies, and other institutions globally.


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