Sharif Uddin Ahmed Rana
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Sharif Uddin Ahmed's BIO
Dr. Sharif Uddin Ahmed Rana is an Educator at Harvard University. As an Academician, Researcher, and Business Consultant, he possesses more than a decade of progressive experience as a Researcher, Talent Economist, Designer, System Thinker, Entrepreneur, Educator; People, Project, and Policy Analyst, UX and UI Designer, and Innovator in Data and AI. He is dedicated to disseminating knowledge, mentorship, and human success. He develops his expertise based on sustainable people, projects, and policy analysis.   Dr. Rana has published empirical papers in leading international journals based on modeling and analysis of primary data-developed strategies and consulted companies on People Projects and Policy analysis. He has also won awards for excellence in experiential teaching, and his current research interests include the integrated world of Sustainable Development Goals. He is an Experienced Market Researcher and a Data Scientist with a proven history of working in the research and media industry and using new and more realistic methods to measure and troubleshoot brand and ad problems for today and beyond. He provides data-backed consumer insights for large companies, agencies, SMEs, and entrepreneurs. He helps them test, refine, and recommend how to optimize their ideas, campaigns, and offerings for potential customers ahead of time with well-designed survey data fused with market data. He also has consulted with various research agencies as an independent research and development consultant.   Dr. Rana was a speaker for the Seminar on Talent Economy and Industrial Research Dr. Rana has a dedicated YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@wteforum1212/videos   Dr. Rana’s website is: https://wteforum.org/