Joanna Stone
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Joanna's BIO

Joanna Stone, a seasoned leader and innovator in the AI and digital marketing arena, brings more than a decade of executive experience and a newly-found passion for futurism to the table. Currently engaged in a course on Futurism with Sohail Inayatullah, the first UNESCO Chair in Futures Studies, Joanna is eager to blend her professional expertise with forward-thinking concepts to better serve the industry.

Recognized as one of the Top 50 Women Leaders of Dallas for 2022 by Women We Admire, Joanna's influence and impact in the industry are evident in her successful track record.

Joanna honed her strategic skills in her role as CMO of InsuredMine, a FinTech CRM software serving independent insurance agents. As Vice President at SAP Insider, she delivered insightful thought leadership to a global membership group spanning over 205 countries, managed relationships for over 600k subscribers, ensured content relevancy across 20 major categories, and oversaw a team of editors, marketing communications, and creative services professionals.

At Global Growth IOC, Joanna served as Vice President of Media & Digital, amplifying the voice and innovation of 19 brands in their media portfolio. Here, she championed organizational changes, launched new initiatives like influencer marketing and digital-first programs, and worked with multiple teams to achieve aggressive growth targets cost-effectively.

Further refining her skills in project management and advertising as Group Publisher at AIM Media, Joanna was responsible for marketing efforts within an $8m division. She ensured the timely creation and delivery of content for several high-profile brands, including Clean Eating Magazine, Oxygen Magazine, and Better Nutrition Magazine, among others.

Today, Joanna brings her vast experience and innovative mindset to her role as Founder and CEO of ArtificialCreators.com. Specializing in integrating AI and digital marketing, Joanna and her globally diverse team pioneer the use of AI in content marketing, sales training, and market research, always with a nod to future trends and transformations.

A proven leader, Joanna consistently delivers tangible results and crafts marketing strategies that not only meet current industry needs but also consider future possibilities. If you're seeking a visionary partner ready to elevate your marketing strategy to the next level, Joanna Stone and her team at ArtificialCreators.com offer the solution.