Abhishek Kumar
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Abhishek's BIO

Abhishek Kumar is a result-oriented professional with 15+ years of experience in the fields of Learning & Development and Corporate Training. He holds B.Sc. degree in IT Management and Software Engineering from ​​NIIT, Kuvempu University, as well as an MBA in IT Management from the Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology.

He is proficient at managing & leading teams for running successful training programme operations. He has rich experience of developing procedures, service standards for business excellence, and is well-versed with Team Management in the IT Service, IT Training & Customer Service industries.

He currently serves as a Technology Consultant for SpireTec Solutions (India). Previously, he worked as an Advisor to SpireWeb Solutions (India), a Freelance Instructor at Global Knowledge, a Senior Technical Trainer - M365 at Sherweb (Canada), and a Freelance Training Consultant at NetCom Learning (USA).

His expertise includes: setting up training teams, trainer transitioning, hiring developing trainers, employee development on training and retention, organization capability management and development, client management, training delivery and content development aspects, trainer certifications and training audits, feedbacks, and trainer life cycle development.