Learning from AI

02 March 2022

Artificial Intelligence is a revolutionary technology that can be utilized for a variety of purposes. From advanced robotics to predictive analytics, artificial intelligence has the power to change the way we operate in the world. AI can imbue us with knowledge and skill that enable us to be more productive and innovative.

AI for English Learning

In 2018, the education ministry of Japan launched a $227,000 pilot program to improve the English language skills of Japanese students. The program would place English-speaking AI in 500 Japanese classrooms and would be utilized by both students and teachers to enhance their oral and written English. English language classes are one of the many mandatory subjects that Japanese primary and middle schoolers must take. Many Japanese schools seek native English speakers to lead these classes. But naive English language teachers are hard to come by in Japan, even more so now as the pandemic has limited travel between countries. Artificial intelligence can help to provide students with the extra help that they need. The AI can be programmed to check students’ grammar and pronunciation of English words, similar to a native English-speaking teacher.


AI to improve healthcare

The healthcare industry has experienced the many benefits borne from AI. AI-powered virtual assistants have become a much-needed tool to innovate hospital operations and free up the time of medical staff. Traditionally, medical staff is often swamped and unable to provide the maximum amount of care they would like to their patients. AI-powered virtual assistants can lighten the load and help hospitals to streamline their practices. With AI, standard administrative work can be automated, leaving nursing staff more time to focus on the elements of their job that require more bandwidth. AI-powered virtual assistants can eliminate the need for unnecessary hospital visits, providing patients with information and answering their questions without the need to leave home. Along with improving the workflow of a healthcare administrator. AI can also help to improve the level of care they give to their patients. Covera Health is a MedTech company that is pioneering solutions in diagnostics using artificial intelligence. By harnessing AI’s advanced analytical abilities, Covera Health hopes to use the technology to reduce misdiagnoses that occur because of human error. With more accurate diagnostics, patients can save time and money on doctor’s visits and get the care they truly need.


AI for safe driving

Autonomous vehicles are growing in popularity as the technology has improved and become less expensive to make. The number one concern around autonomous vehicles is their ability to navigate the road safely. When driving a car, many conditions must be accounted for to do so safely. Motional is one of the many automotive tech companies working to make driverless vehicles functional, commercial, and safe. By using short- and long-range sensors, radars, cameras, and other motion-sensing devices implanted in the vehicle, the vehicle can learn to sense danger and act accordingly. With time, these autonomous vehicles may have the power to predict an accident before it occurs. Smart, driverless vehicles can help us to make our roads much safer.