05 April 2021

In the digital age we are constantly bombarded with new technology and it can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. And new innovations in Artificial Intelligence, particularly machine learning technology could revolutionize the way we market to each other.

What is Machine Learning? Machine learning refers to training computers to operate more like humans. More specifically it is feeding computers data which they can then analyze and integrate into their intelligence, using the data to make smarter choices and tackle more complex problems. Artificial Intelligence.

So, what does this mean for marketers. With access to technology intelligent enough to not only decipher data but analyze it and learn from it, marketing campaigns can be streamlined and made efficiently while continuing to be relevant. Computers have the ability to collect and mine through limitless amounts of data at a much faster pace than any human, and for marketers this means that they now can analyze millions of gigabytes worth of data from their potential customer base, allowing them to understand their customers’ personalities, interests, and spending habits more precisely than ever. With this vast amount of data at hand and the technology to cypher through it quickly and efficiently, marketers can design campaigns that more accurately represent their customer base.

For customers, machine learning means that they receive the most relevant content. Artificial Intelligence helps marketers to cater better to their customer base. Customers are no longer forced to sit through boring ads they can’t relate to. Instead ads are much more personalized to them and their interests. By analyzing customers’ internet behavior, Artificial Intelligence learns about what moves particular customers to purchase certain items and what drives others to skip.

Artificial Intelligence can help enhance human productivity and creativity. Though some worry about machines taking over our jobs, in the realm of creativity, there is no replacement for the human touch. Even the smartest of Artificial Intelligence cannot replace the innately human creativity that captivates us and keeps us interested in content. What AI powered machine learning will do is allow marketers to better understand pop cultural trends and what entices their customers in a more efficient way. With this information made available more quickly than ever before, marketers have more time and energy to devote to tapping into their creative brain to generate content that is both relevant, intriguing, and unique. AI can take marketing into the digital future and at the same time make it even more human.