22 July 2021 | E-Learning Market Assessment

E-learning involves the use of electronic or digital mediums for educational and/or training purposes.

21 June 2021 | History of E-learning

E-learning refers to any type of learning or training conducted through an electronic medium such as a computer or phone. Before the advent to the internet and the computer, there were rudimentary forms of distance learning that were popular amongst educations during the 19th century. 

07 June 2021 | The Future of E-Learning and EdTech

The coronavirus pandemic has no doubt change our society a great deal. For students and educators, the pandemic has meant turning to digital platforms to facilitate learning and training. It is likely that E-Learning and EdTech will continue to evolve as our need for the technology to facilitate traditional learning. The pandemic has changed the field of education in general and e-learning and EdTech in specific. We will likely see more hybridized classrooms in the future and an increased demand for reliable internet to support digital services, particularly when it comes to education.

24 May 2021 | ICARUS: “Our AI-based platform provides personalized knowledge for students and teachers”

[Interview @ Innolab Bilbao] ICARUS, a startup with origins in Greece and present in different countries in Europe and America, has developed an Open Source E-Learning Platform based on AI with the objective of empowering and individualizing learning through the use of technology.

13 May 2021 | E-Learning Market Assessment

E-learning involves the use of electronic or digital mediums for educational and/or training purposes. According to a December 2020 Global Newswire report, “the global E-learning Market was estimated at USD 144 Billion in 2019”. It is also expected to be worth 375 Billion USD, growing at a rate of 8% CAGR from 2020 to 2026. E-learning platforms are also expected to continue to utilize cloud capabilities in order to benefit providers and end users. As Internet access has increased worldwide so has the demand for digital services such as e-learning platforms.

05 April 2021 | commentary AI AND THE FUTURE OF MARKETING

In the digital age we are constantly bombarded with new technology and it can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. And new innovations in Artificial Intelligence, particularly machine learning technology could revolutionize the way we market to each other.

08 March 2021 | commentary AI IN THE YEAR 2020… ALMOST

ICARUS delivers E-Learning to students in a unique manner with a mission of creating a generation of self-taught students.

04 March 2021 | Open-Source E-learning Platforms

For business and educational institutions e-learning platforms can be useful tools to train and educate employees and students. E-learning allows people to learn on their own time at their own pace, allowing them to learn in a way that works with their schedule. A learning management system (LMS) can help businesses and learning institutions to manage and track learning outcomes and expectations.


With e-learning, we maximized the technological benefits. We have learning paths, video, power points, forums and we ask to make them apply to students.

21 December 2020 | commentary HOW AI CAN MAKE US MORE CREATIVE

The rise of Artificial Intelligence has been the cause for great concern for many workers, as studies have predicted that AI technology could replace up to 14% of the global workforce by the year 2030. And many technologists have warned of the impending “AI Apocalypse”. 

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